Still, the ideal facial feature is a 1:1:1 ratio of upper, middle, and lower parts. Where did the saying that the current beauty standard is a short lower face come from?

There might be preferences for a 1:1:0.8 ratio, but that proportion doesn't necessarily mean it's beautiful; it might just look like you have a receding jaw.


"The two individuals you mentioned don't have short chins. It's safe to say that there's no such thing as a beautiful face with a [1:1:0.8] ratio. Even celebrities who appear to have small, youthful faces don't necessarily have short chins. Cutting too much bone not only doesn't make one less pretty but also leads to various problems."

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1. Rather than having a short chin, I feel like I'm seeing more celebrities with a short middle face lately
> But the 1:1:1 ratio is still the standard of beauty and it has always been and even these days, popular celebrities are just the same.. The article claim that compared to previous eras, the ratios of the middle and lower face areas of today's beauties are unusually short, but if you look at the photos, that's not the actually the case. Whether in the past or present, the true beauties are 1:1:1

2. This is fascinating, I thought their lower face was getting shorter

3. Everything is about a harmonious face

4. Yup yup, it's just that you face needs to be f*cking small, proportions aside, their chins aren't getting shorter

5. There's a rise of small faces and taller people now 

6. I thought that nowadays, the trend was about full lips and short chins?
7. I'm so jealous that their eyes are so big 

8. Short chins don't make you look pretty per say, but it's a requisite to make you look younger?

9. Sullyoon, Hanni and Rei all seem to have shorter lower face

10. Rather than the length of the face, it's all about how much space your features occupy 

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