They have fell into the ravine, but some people got stuck and some people escaped. 
What happened in the valley of transition?

What most countries experienced during the 20th century industrial society was a decline in birth rate

It happened at different moments for different countries, but this is a common phenomenon that was happening

Scholars' analysis of the causes of declining birth rates 
Increase in women's social advancement = Decreasing birth rate

Transition valley theory is a sociological concept that is is used to explain low birth rate phenomenon
Policies were pursued desperately by countries with low birth rates to get out of the valley

But the countries who successfully escaped from low birth rates are: France, Netherlands, Finland and Sweden

And the countries who are stuck in the valley are: Korea, Japan, Spain, Italy

Why are some country able to escape and not others?

A common characteristic of countries that have not escaped the valley is a male-centered patriarchal social structure

Sweden in the 1970s

- Who is in charge of the house chores and childcare? 
- Of course the woman! 
- What about the man doing parenting?
- Nonsense! 

- Then, of course we need to fire them! 
- A working woman thinking about marriage and being pregnant? 

Sweden also lived in a traditional male dominated patriarchal family structure
But in the end 
Despite pouring a huge budget and implementing various systems, the birth rate failed to rebound.

At that moment, 

The core of the low birth rate problem is a male-centered patriarchal thinking.
- Hans Rosling, demographer and professor at Karolinska Academy of Medical Sciences in Sweden

Left: This is women
Right: This is men 

Sweden started promoting gender equality policy to dismantle traditional gender roles

From kindergarten they refrained from using words that discriminates between genders ㅠreaking away from stereotypes about male and female gender roles. 

Feminist books designated as must-read books for young people
The kids grow into gender-neutral adults through gender equality education

Giving out benefits that lengthens paternity leave
They worked hard on building a society where the mother and father's tasks weren't distinguished from each other

Submission of bill mandating increasing the proportion of female directors to 40%
Implementation of regulations prohibiting wage discrimination based on gender

Although it faced backlash for destroying traditional values ​​and being too obsessed with equality, it promoted gender equality through strong policy

Sweden succeeded in rebounding birth rate by expanding gender equality

France, Netherlands, Finland and Norway also escaped from the swamp of low birth rates with gender egalitarian policies

Countries with ultra-low birth rates are still stuck in a valley despite pouring a lot of budget

For Korea, we have been stuck in a valley for 17 years since the lowest birth rate was recorded at 1.3% in 2001

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1. I don't think there's a way back for our country...

2. The way out is completely blocked for our country. Even if you present the issue clearly, they will close and shut their eyes and ears ..ㅋㅋ At this rate, I don't think it's too bad for our country to just disappear

3. First of all, just from our su****ide rates in our country, how are you expecting to discuss about birth rate..?

4. Is Sweden a country where only men are conscripted?

5. In our country, merely mentioning feminism is enough to send people into a tantrum. I don't think there's a way out 

6. ㅋㅋ The fact that people already know why but aren't doing anything about it shows that our country is doomed

7. Just look at the comments here, Korea isn't at the level where they're already at the bottom of the valley and can't escape, we're at the level where we're still digging ourselves even deeper

8. If you already know the answer yet still do nothing about it shows that there's no way out for us. I hope we never get out 

9. People are still fighting in good posts like these

10. Just look at the comments here and you'll realize that our way out is already blocked. We're professionals at blocking our eyes and ears 

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