(T/N: ad about getting rid of the tail to make a "cuter" bread butt)

(Ad about making a dog "handsomer" by turning out their ears)
"A bizarre puppy plastic surgery adㄷㄷㄷ 
But if you take a picture of the consultation QR on the billboard..."

"Are you familiar with doggy plastic surgery? 

Dobermans' ears aren't naturally pointed.
Welsh Corgis' tails aren't naturally short.
The Doberman's pointed ears, a symbol of bravery, and the Welsh Corgi's cute tail are the result of surgery."

"Excision Surgery involves a great deal of pain and loss for the puppy. Tail surgery, in particular, is equivalent to removing a puppy's greatest means of emotional expression. Most countries in Europe have banned the surgery by law on the grounds of animal cruelty."

"Please love the way they were born."

"Actually the ads were doing public good by raising awareness of puppies' surgery.
I'm shocked to see that the look of puppies that we're familiar with were all result of plastic surgery...ㅇㅇ"

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1. [+311, -9]
That's why I started disliking Bae Jung-nam. I used to be a fan, but seeing him put his dog Bell through ear cropping surgery twice made me freaking turn off. I can't stand people who keep pets as accessories (T/N: pic for ref)

2. [+196, -1]
I wonder how many people will actually scan that QR code...ㅎ It might be more effective to put what you see after scanning the QR code directly on the main page for better advertising impact

3. [+184, 0]
How many people will really scan that QR code? Most people will just think, "Ah, that kind of surgery must be normal if they're advertising it," and get a distorted sense of what's acceptable. It seems like a poorly thought-out idea

4. [+155, -1]
I f*cking don't understand why people cut Welsh Corgis' tails at all...

5. [+110, -3]
A certain celebrity had their Doberman's ears cropped three times just to make the dog look younger and cuter as it got older

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