"If female students are admitted in schools one year earlier, the birth rate will increase."

"Population policy evaluation - National Research Institute, Jo Seyeon: 'Bizarre Proposal' - 'Early school  admission of women leads to mutual affection between men and women.' The correlation between successful relationships cannot be provided.

A national research institute tasked with evaluating the government's population policy, the National Tax Service Research Institute, has suggested that if girls are admitted to school one year earlier, it could lead to increased mutual attraction between boys and girls in their reproductive years, thus aiding in improving the birth rate. Despite the controversy and eventual abandonment of the government's initiative to promote 'early admission at 6 years old (by age 5),' this somewhat bizarre suggestion has emerged that early admission of girls could raise the birth rate."

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This is a comment from China, but it's so right 
"In fact, it is not because of women that Korean feminism has become like this.
Korean men are selfish, greedy, lazy, and quite extreme.
Since 260,000 people have registered as members of the dirty and terrible incident called Nth Room, There's at least 1 trash among not even 100 men. 
The movie “Kim Ji-young, Born in 1982” only told the truth, and Korean men dismissed the entire thing.
And that finger gesture, once the Korean men's immature heart is hurt, they'll start hurting others as a result.
And Korea's extreme male dominance is the most severe thing."

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Actually Korean social stability will increase if only we were good at catching s** offenders ㅋ If they get broken up, they kill a woman and claim it's because women won't date them. They kill a woman on the street and film molka of her. S** crime group chat rooms at prestigious universities are being reported. Underage girls kidnapping and s** crimes are being reported. How are we supposed to date a man when we're having such a hard time in this country? Child bearing? Even today, there was a lot of news about a man who knocked a woman unconscious on the street because she asked where the bakery wasㅋ Do you think we'll run the chance to date a criminal and ruin our lives?

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I can't believe they gathered scholars together and that's the law they came up with ㅋㅋㅋ

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At this rate, the government has to be a spy trying to ruin Korea

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Just include pregnancy in the regular performance evaluations at this point 

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