"Do you think that no-kids zones are discriminatory?

I'm a dad of a 28-month-old daughter myself, 
but I believe no-kids zones are necessary. 

However, I saw on Instagram that some people think it's the same as banning black people from entering, which is considered discriminatory. Do parents with kids agree with this?

In my opinion, a business is private property, and whether or not to allow entry should be up to the owner.

- It's not discriminatory - 74.2% (204)
- It's discriminatory - 25.8% (71)"

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1. Of course it's discrimination. If it's not discriminatory, then what is it?

2. It's discriminatory

3. It's true that it's discriminatory but it can't be helped. It's just that society turns a blind eye on it

4. It's indeed discriminatory. But business owners are not well protected so...

5. If you claim it's not, then do you really think that it makes it not discriminatory?... So, if a few rude Korean tourists in Tsushima led to signs banning Koreans, we shouldn't have any issues with that either, right? If "no-kids zones" aren't considered discriminatory, then neither should this be

6. It's an issue that can't be divided into discriminatory vs non-discriminatory. I'm more shocked to read comments thinking it's not. No matter the reason you have, it is discriminatory

7. It is discriminatory. You at least have to admit it

8. I can understand it from a business perspective but it's discriminatory

9. No but it's funny how they claim they're not being discriminatory while insisting on a comfortable, kid-free environmentㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

10. They should just admit it's discrimination but say it's the owner's right. I do think it's the owner's choice, but Korea has a weird structure with strange standards for child abuse and a lack of consideration for children

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