EXO’s Chen, Baekhyun, and Xiumin (EXO-CBX) have claimed unfair treatment by SM Entertainment.
EXO-CBX’s agency, INB100, announced they would hold an emergency press conference on June 10 KST.

“Last June, EXO-CBX took legal action, successfully terminating exclusive contracts and filed a complaint with the Fair Trade Commission through a joint statement with SM Entertainment.

At that time, both parties negotiated and resolved the situation, believing that both parties felt that EXO’s activities were the most important, and per the agreement at the time, artists’ activities and names as EXO-CBX were done through INB100.”

But it seems that SM has ignored the agreement and has demanded a portion of sales.

"However, SM ignores the agreement’s premises and demands that INB100 give 10% of the sales of the artists’ activities. Although INB100 has sent proof of this, SM has not responded for over two months. We plan to report SM Entertainment’s unfair treatment."
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1. No but can they just leave peacefully without renewing their contract?

2. Seriously, they are not thinking about the fans at all

3. They should've just never renewed their contract at first or pay their cancellation fee cleanly before leaving. This is such an awkward situation now

4. They were my favorite unit.... aigo

5. They can just pay the cancellation fee then

6. Ha.... this seriously makes me so sad. Please cut it down, pleaseㅠㅠㅠ

7. Phew... so are they still gonna promote with EXO?... Seriously, I was a fan since their debut and everything came crashing down

8. I wonder if it's because SM holds the copyright for CBX?

9. No but they should've never renewed then. I was gonna beautify my memories but the more it goes on, the more I'm disappointed

10. This is a mess

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