Cignature's Jiwon became a fixed member on Tak Jaehoon's show
And they had a Japanese AV actress as guest

Tak Jaehoon: What do you think when you look at Jiwonie's archives?

AV actress: I think that she'd be very popular

Jiwon: Really?!

Tak Jaehoon: Why?

AV actress: Because she has a nice body

AV actress: Please make sure to debut

AV actress: Seriously top! Top!

AV actress: I'll help you

Tanaka: She's gonna be your senpai
AV actress: Yes, your your senpai

A Japanese AV actress offered to help a Korean female idol debut as an actress in Japan, and no one said anything about it. Shin Gyujin said she should be protected but Kim Kyung-wook (Tanaka) called the AV actress "senpai" first.

Jiwon: Another actress made her debut in Korea

Tak Jaehoon: That's different

What's worse is that Jiwon pretended like she didn't know and just said that she debuted as an actress
But then Taek Jaehoon had to say that it was "different" (from a normal actress)

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1. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

2. How is this even filmed when pr*stitution is illegal in our country… This is so frustrating. They are targeting someone who is just living her life properly...

3. This is really disgusting. What are they doing to someone’s precious daughter?

4. In their country, they might make comments about AV actors at drinking parties and think it’s a compliment, but what kind of nonsense is this in another country? This is such a disgusting show

5. Yah even as a joke among regular people, if you made such a comment to someone's face, you could get slapped and it wouldn’t even be a crime??????? Has everyone lost their minds?

6. It's creepy that no one besides Shin Gyujin tried to stop it

7. The fact that this got aired without anyone realizing the problem is shocking..

8. This is so sad… I hope people stop watching Tak Jaehoon and Tanaka, and that comedian

9. ㅠㅠ

10. Imagine uploading this video not knowing what's wrong... just how low has our country gottenㅜ

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