At the Rolling Stones concert on May 11th, they were kissing and showing affection.

However, it’s said that they haven’t met for over a month since then.

Victoria's 26th birthday was on June 7th, but she spent her birthday week with friends and is currently on vacation in Spain with them.

Coincidentally, Leo's ex-girlfriend Camila also had a birthday in June, and she stopped seeing Leo at the end of May, spending her time with friends afterwards. This situation feels like deja vu...

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1. At this point, it's like he received some kind of divine message from a shaman or something. There must be a reason for his behavior, but it’s still creepy~ It’s like he has a 200% contract that guarantees something. It doesn't make sense that all the women are so silent.

2. DiCaprio can date young women, and the women can use DiCaprio to get their names out there. It feels more like a win-win arrangement rather than love. It's almost like there's a contract involved

3. It's strange that no one has written an expose?? It's fascinating that none of his exes said anything about him. Even if there was a contract, I think they could still profit from revealing the story

4. At this rate, it feels like he received a prophecy that he must only date women under 26 to survive.

5. Or maybe, in a past life, he was a Korean man and a member of an internet community where they believed women’s value expired after a certain age... 

6. This might even be related to some kind of religion

7. It's really bizarreㅋㅋㅋ almost as if he's absorbing their vitality or somethingㅋㅋ

8. It's like he really believes in a cult

9. It seems like he genuinely thinks he’ll be cursed if he dates anyone over 26, like it's some kind of superstition

10. The epitome of creepy and weird

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