"My wife who has an outgoing personality has a lot of friends"

"Especially there is this one friend who is close like family to her"

Friend: Look at this. It's so pretty!

"She would come to our newlywed house a lot to hang out and I became close with her as well"

Friend: Yah you really need to treat Yongho (husband) well~ㅋㅋㅋ
Wife: He always has something to say to me all the time! tsk~
Husband: Hahaha

"At first, my wife's friend's actions were uncomfortable to me"

Wife: Yah enough for you today, let's go sleep. It's late, and you drank too
Husband: That's right, I'll leave the master bedroom for you. You can sleep with Hyunyoung (wife) comfortably the 2 of you~

Friend: No way. You two are newlyweds... 
Husband: It's fine, it's fine *pat pat*

*That night* 

Husband: *think* Huh? Is that Hyunyoungie (wife)?

Friend: *quietly* Yongho-yah... Are you asleep? 

Husband: Huh? What's the matter? Why are you still not sleeping...
Friend: Ah! So you were awake. Sorry sorry, return to sleep fast~

"I didn't really care about what happened that day, but I didn't want to create any misunderstandings so I didn't tell my wife about it"

Wife: *Yawn* you're already leaving? You should sober up before leaving
Friend: No~ If I stay more, it would be uncomfortable ㅎㅎ enjoy your morning as newlyweds~

Husband: *thinks* Why is she always avoiding eye contact..?

"My wife's friend hasn't stopped acting weird ever since that night"

Wife: I'll go to the washroom a bit~

Friend: Hey... Yongho-yah! How's the newlyweds life? Are you happy?
Husband: Of course I'm happy, but why are you asking all of a sudden?

Friend: *quietly* Nothing~ I bet it must be nice to have a husband like you ㅎㅎ
Husband: *scratches* Huh? Uh.. Ok. I'm sure you'll meet someone good soon too

Wife: What the~ What are you two talking about like that? And why are you giggling like that?
Friend: Nothing, nothing at allㅎㅎ

Friend: Seeing it like that, I feel like I have the same taste as Hyunyoung
Wife: That's right~ it's not for nothing that we're close like that 
Husband: *thinks* Is it okay for me to hear all this...?

"I think it was enough evidence for me to grow suspicions over her potentially liking me"

Husband: *thinks* Ha... There's no way right?
Wife: I'll go meet with Minji (friend)~

Husband: I'm heading to a business trip. It'll take around 3 days!
Wife: Okay. Then you're coming back only 2 days after tomorrow?

Husband: Yup~ Darling, I'm resting right now
Wife: When are you coming back~ Are you really coming back the day after tomorrow? Don't come later than that ㅠㅠ

*The next day*

Husband: What a relief that this work finished earlier than I expected. I'll prepare her a surprise since it's been a while ㅎㅎ

Husband: *thinks* I must be careful *careful careful* 

"In one instant, the words that I overheard as I stepped in gave me no choice but to halt"

Wife: You know that what we're doing is insane right now?
Friend: If only you can trust fully in me, I'm confident I can treat you way better than Yongho-ssi 

Friend: But you need to let me know the moment you start developing feelings for Yongho-ssi, I'll leave you cleanly 
Wife: What are you saying? I have no one but you

"All this time, my wife had a thing for her friend"

"The 2 of them have already had an affair going on even before we got married"

Wife: We can't get caught
Friend: I'll check up on him whether he's asleep or not
Friend: *quietly* Yongho-yah... Are you sleeping?

"To avoid her family nitpicking her, my wife decided to marry me. But she had someone she was in love with"

Husband: Do you guys think this situation makes any sense? THIS IS A MARRIAGE SCAM!!

Husband: Lawyer-nim, I got scammed right? Aren't there enough grounds to apply to nullify our marriage?

Lawyer: I think you received too great of a shock. However, it's not that easy to nullify a marriage. Regardless of the gender, since it is true that she had an affair, you can file for divorce and alimony.

*Divorce suit hearing date!*

Lawyer2: Your Honor, it is ridiculous to suspect close friends of having an affair

Husband's lawyer: No, this was no simple friendship relationship. There's the conversation between two people contained in the car's black box and the submitted CCTV footage of the apartment shows the two people having skinship

Husband's lawyer: The wife married a lover of the same sex while hiding the fact that she had one, and continued the relationship even after marriage. Please consider the plaintiff's mental suffering and make a judgment on divorce and alimony

"And just like that, I was able to escape those 2 people's lies"

Husband: I was shocked to see my wife was able to come out this shameless. Lawyer-nim, thanks to you, we achieved a good outcome. Thank you so much. 

-The End-

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1. What did I just read

2. Those selfish b*tches

3. Is that based on true events??

4. Crazy... 

5. Yup, I saw somewhere that a gay person married a woman and even had a kid, lived together just fine for 20 years, but the whole time, he was dating his best friend. And since they're homosexuals, people shielded them saying that this was pitiful and that it's fine~~

6. F*ck 

7. I knew they were lesbians from the start ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. .........?

9. Why would you toy other people's lives like that?

10. This was a scam marriage sigh 

t/n: apparently this is drawn by a divorce lawyer detailing the cases they worked on, their IG

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