Ha f*ck I just heard the news of my mom being pregnant 
I'm so disturbed but I have nowhere else to vent, so I'm going to vent here

I'll try to make this brief

Me: 18 y'o 
My dongsaeng: 15 y'o 
My mom: early 40s
My dad: early 50s

My dad's business wobbled during the COVID period, and his health deteriorated, so things were really tough financially. 

We had to borrow money here and there just to get by. Of course, things have gotten a lot better now, but during that time, dealing with money issues was mentally draining. I wanted to ease my parents' worries, so I started working part-time to earn money and even gave some allowance to my dongsaeng.

My dad runs his business overseas, so he only comes to Korea 1-2 times a year. While family gatherings are nice, it's a pity we can't see him much, which makes my mom lean towards him more sometimes.

But f*ck today when I got back from school, my mom showed me a pregnancy test with two lines. I thought it was a hilarious prank... but then she showed me ultrasound pictures

Dad immediately suggested looking into surgery upon hearing the news. It's a bit disappointing, but I guess my mom and dongsaeng are more inclined towards having the baby.

Honestly, I'd rather not have a baby. It's not the right time for me, considering my studies and future plans. I'm afraid of changes in our family dynamics, and we're not exactly wealthy, so money is a concern too. I need to focus on preparing for college entrance exams, but I can't even concentrate properly. Seeing my mom's anxious face, I can't even voice my concerns. It's just too distressing.

It's been 6 weeks apparently, but I can't express any aversion to anyone.

Who can I talk to about this? I'm not well-versed in pregnancy, childbirth, or childcare, but now that my family is trying to overcome difficult times, I'm worried about my mom's well-being. Both my mom and my dongsaeng are sensitive to noises, and I'm worried they won't be able to sleep at night. Moreover, I'm not particularly fond of babies. Can I really take care of one well? With the college entrance exam season underway, if she decides to give birth, I'll be left without my dad's support, and my mom will need my help with various things.

I really hope she doesn't have the baby
I'm content with things as they are now, and I'm so happy at the moment. I don't want things to change or deteriorate.

My mom says having an abortion makes her feel like a murderer, so I can't bring it up easily.

What should I do? Is there anything I can do? I'm so distressed

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1. Seeing how even their eldest who's still a minor needs to work part-time to support financially, I don't advise on having a baby 

2. I feel like the mom and dad were way too thoughtless doing it without contraceptives given the situation they're in. The future looks dim 

3. I feel like they'll 100% make the daughter play the mom's role 

4. They have such a huge age gap, the eldest daughter will be asked to raise the mom's new baby ㅠ she'll have to live her life hearing things like "you'll need to earn your life and take care of you dongsaeng~" f*ck 

5. Ah seriously if their economic standings aren't good, why get another kid ㅎ

6. I'm surprised they don't want to abort the kid.... They don't even have the money, how are they going to raise the kid?

7. If they had the means, I don't care when they decide to have the baby, but having a kid in this situation is a bit...

8. Looks like they're thinking that they can manage having a kid since the 2 daughters are already grown... 

9. If the mom is still in her 40s, that's actually quite young...? She must've had OP when she was super young

10. Ugh... I know it's someone else's situation, and I don't really understand it well, but please, I hope the mom changes her mind. I just can't comprehend those people who remain apathetic in such situations. They seem so immature, not considering the circumstances at all, just thinking without any depth.

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