"Percentage of marriages by birth year
(Women = pink
Men = blue)

Men born in 1989 - 33.6%
Men born in 1992 - 15.3%
Procreation is not the issue
Most people don't marry at all."

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1. There's a bunch of kids who don't care about dating at all around me...

2. There are a lot of marriages but also a lot of married couples who don't want children

3. Seems like people are only starting to get married in their 40's nowㅋㅋ but if you don't get married after that age, you must really just be a celibate. There are a lot of kids at that point who change their mind even if they claim to be celibates all their lives

4. Nowadays, nobody get married until their 30's anymoreㅋㅋㅋ

5. I'm in my 30's and including my friends and entourage, nobody got married... seriously, nobody cares about dating or marriages

6. I think that marriages among women in their 30's is widely overrepresented on this chart though

7. I wonder when when was this survey made??

8. I'm even more surprised that over 50% of women born before 1987 are married

9. I'm afraid to get into a relationship after going on a date once. I think I'm better off living alone

10. I feel like all my friends got married but seems like the proportion is pretty low

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