PD: When you were a trainee in SM, the would have investors visit right? 
- Even when you were on a school trip to Jeju-do, they'd still call you and say "Junsu-yah come"

Junsu *shy*
Daesung: Ah because you were this good?

Jungsu: Actually it was my first time going to a school trip 
- I was taking the bus to head to a resort and while doing that, they called me 
- They told me "you have work to do tomorrow" but I said "I'm in Jeju-do right now"
- Was I in middle school at that time...?
- I was a baby so I had to ask the teacher how to buy [a plane ticket] 
- I took the plane by myself to go back 

Daesung: I've always heard about it. GD & Taeyang.
- Because they're the future of YG, they would always come the two of them 

PD: Then who are these 2-3 go-to people in SM?

Junsu: Most of the time, it would be me.... And Zhang Liyin! I'm not saying that Asians are imitating this, but you had to be almost like a foreign pop star from middle school school
- At first, there was BoA

Daesung: So you need to be at that level 

PD: I bet they really wanted to show you off, they must've really wanted to

Xia Junsu, 
Zhang Liyin, 

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1. I remember Liyin becoming an SM trainee and she's still amazing now πŸ‘πŸ»

2. I feel like they had something similar recently too, they called NCT to dance at the Korean Culture Industry Forum year-end party
I was wondering why they would bring the kids here, now I know the reason 

3. The lineup is daebak... But they should've at least called in some employees to fly with him, why would they fly a baby alone... 

4. I can acknowledge all three

5. Look at that lineup wow γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹

6. Wow... I would want to show them off if I were them too 

7. I wonder how much that grandpa (Lee Sooman) was excited

8. I acknowledge this 

9. Of course they need to show them off

10. F*cking agree with BoA

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