When information about the eligibility criteria for participation in the event was revealed, reactions were mixed. Firstly, it was announced that one must be a member of the ARMY fan club, and during the application period, they must purchase all albums released after 'PROOF,' including the anthology version, through the Weverse Shop to qualify for participation.

Additionally, it was added that for every album ordered from the Weverse Shop during the event period from the 2nd to the 6th, an automatic entry would be granted based on the total quantity ordered, not the number of orders.

Upon hearing this, dissatisfaction among fans grew. Prior to Jin's enlistment, he only released a single solo album, 'The Astronaut,' and the remaining albums are filled with other members' solo albums. Many fans feel that the significance of this event, which is led by Jin, is diluted because fans purchasing albums for this event need to buy any album regardless of the type/member.

Furthermore, criticism has arisen because even those who have previously purchased albums must buy new ones to be eligible for entry. Some see this as the agency's attempt to make money rather than genuinely engaging with fans through the event.

Netizens expressed reactions such as, "why not just do a fanmeeting at this point" "Is this event really for the fans?" "This could distort the artists' image," "They should have just allowed entries for Jin's album album; this is ridiculous."

1. The waters are getting muddy in KPOP again

2. The fans who see this and still claim "his love for his fans is solid" must not be normal...

3. Like singer like company 

4. Why would you buy other members' solo albums for his discharging event? This is just a BTS event to clear out inventory, legendary 

5. The fans need to wake up at this point... People really think that this is normal? What kind of normal fan would like this? This is just bizarre

6. Yeah, fans keep buying their albums and go plant more treesㅋㅋ

7. What crime did Jin commit ㅠ Please leave  HYBE

8. They're allowing 1000 people wow

9. I don't care if he thinks or the company thinks the hug event has any emotional behind it, it just sucks

10. BTS having a hugging event...? That's just creepy 

11. If the fans have a brain, boycott this 

12. They're telling us to buy again?

13. I bet the international fans will buy hundreds of albums 

14. They should be boycotting this

15. Looks like HYBE is really running out of money..... Talk about clearing inventory

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