"(What 1st generations idols feel about the current generation)

"When I just listen to their song without knowing who the group is..."

"I can't differentiate their voices"

"Back then, I was able to catch right away which member was singing"

"Nowadays, they all sound the same"

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1. Wow I agree. I cannot differentiate them

2. Right!ㅋㅋ first-generation idols definitely had distinctive voices or styles. When a song played in a bar or cafe, just hearing it made you think, "Oh? Is this an ㅇㅇ song? Did they have a song like this?" ㅋㅋ

3. It does feel like they're all tuned to the same tone these days. Even though I know individual members of current groups, I can't really tell their parts apart

4. I agree, isn't that the trend now? I find it fascinating how their voices sound so similar.

5. For real, and idols from the same agency often have similar singing styles. Sometimes it feels like they’re just interchangeable. Fans probably can tell who their favorite idol is, but it’s harder for everyone else

6. I agreeㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ but obviously, he's talking about voices of the same team

7. Right, I totally agree

8. Exactly, it seems to be heading that way. When we listen to the voices of the older singers we know, they're all so unique that I can understand why the older generation would say this

9. It's not that I can't distinguish the singers, but rather that I can't tell when one member's part ends and another's begins. I don't know many of the current idols, but when I hear them on the radio, it's hard to tell them apart

10. Ah I totally agree. In the past, the main vocalist, lead vocalist, and rappers had their specific parts, which made it easier to distinguish them

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