SNSD's Taeyeon attended Seventeen's concert
Wonwoo must've wanted to run away. How is he supposed to face Taeyeon if he's embarrassed of the hate comments he left?

"Seventeen "Shinee's Key and SNSD's Taeyeon came to their concert... even their sunbae-nims shout out their slogan"

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Even if he hated on her for his whole life, she'd having nothing to say to him

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That's why the solution is not to be on the Internet when you're young... Unless you're a mature kid, if you use the internet when you're young and it becomes your dark past, it's not good for you nor others. Thinking back of the posts I wrote as a kid makes me petrified.. Even if I wasn't hating on anyone, there were so many moments that were my dark past. I can't remember them well but it's possible that I hated on people randomly on the Internet when I was young too.

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Taeyeon-ah, so you're not afraid of antis? (what he said in real life)

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Sigh, if they met in real life, they will deal with it accordingly. You f*cker who isn't even a fan of them sure is invested. Anyways, you would've hated on him no matter what he did. He got so much hate back then and you can just hate on the things he did in the past. They successfully wrapped up their concert and even Pann isn't hating on Seventeen but you want to hate on them?

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People are shielding Seventeen's Wonwoo as if he reflected on the things he did in the past but actually, Taeyeon was also underaged at that timeㅋㅋ

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Wow I would've never went out of annoyance no matter how much the other members invited me

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