This is the pre-order guide for the J-hope solo album ‘Jack In The Box’, which will be released on July 29 (Friday).

K-hope solo album ‘Jack In The Box’ can be found as a Weverse album, and can be pre-ordered through online and offline vendors from June 27 (Mon).

< J-hope ‘Jack In The Box’ pre-purchase guide >

Reservation purchase date
June 27, 2022 (Mon) 11 am (KST) ~

Album release date
July 29, 2022 (Fri) 1:00 PM (KST) ~


Where to buy
Various online music sales sites and offline music stores

album composition

['Jack In The Box']

- 1 version in total
Card holder (1 out of 2 random)
Photocard A (1 type provided) / W54*H86 (mm)
Photocard B (1 out of 2 random) / W54*H86 (mm)
QR Card (User Guide) / W54*H86 (mm)

<How to open Weverse Album>

Install the Weverse Albums application
Log in with your Weverse account or social media account
Scan the QR code by touching the [+] button on the top right or [Register album]
If it is difficult to scan the QR code, enter the digital code number directly at the bottom of the camera

Download the album and you're done!

*After installing the application and scanning the QR code, you can check all album songs and exclusive photos of Weverse album.

* Depending on the country and place of purchase, the start time of pre-order may vary, and the start time of each place of purchase will be notified separately.

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1. If I think about the environment, of course, this is a good thing. But I'm greedy to get a CD, please drop one 

2. It's shame that since there's no CD, this will not be counted on Billboard. What I can even less understand is just why they will start selling the album 2 weeks after he releases his song digitally? Looks like they gave up on domestic charts

3. This is so nice and it's good for the environment too..

4. Seriously it's good. You need a CD wrapping too... This is way better for the environment 

5. Was it the members' choice to not get an album? I hope people stop spreading fake stuff
> Of course they need to consult the company for stuff like that, but we will never know whether the company or the member had more say in this. 

6. I want a CD though.. I f*cking hate Weverse. And stop pushing that this is what the member wants all the time. I swear this fandom tried to push fake narratives about the members all the time, can we all shut up for once?

7. I can trust J-hope's music~~ I'm looking forward~

8. I don't really care about CDs but the fact that you can only stream the song on restricted platforms is f*cking not user-friendly. Can't they just give us a link QR code where we can download the song online? Why do we need to buy the album to be able to listen to it online?

9. They should at least give us the choice... There's no meaning in purchasing the album. I'm the type who likes buying their albums and listen to itㅠ

10. I like the fact that he has no CDs but I hate going back to Weverse when I uninstalled it not long ago 

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