Comment: Juyeon-ah please don't pull your hair up. You put wax all the time and it makes your forehead larger. Can someone tell him to stop putting his hair up?

Hyunjae: Juyeon, there's someone here who is worried about your forehead
Juyeon: Why?
Sangyeon: Why?
Hyunjae: They said if you pull your hair up, your forehead will get larger
(1 second of silence) 
Juyeon: I....
Younghoon: You're pretty random 
Sangyeon: It's because Juyeon has a head full of hair 
New: It's fine
Hyunjae: Juyeon's forehead is seriously narrow, so it's fine. I don't think you should worry about Juyeon's hair, he seriously has a lot of hair 
(Q hits Juyeon's forehead) 
Younghoon: Why are you hitting him~ 
Haknyeon: Why are you hitting him~
Juyeon: Why are you hitting me~
and they let it slide

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1. [+38, -1]
The moment he read that comment, the mood was spoiled. Because the members always get shielded, they can get away with things like that, but I don't think that this put Juyeon in a good mood, he probably just gave up and let it slideㅠ Hyunjae has this habits of reading the comments to collect for himself without thinking and he's said stuff by accident towards other members on Vlive too, it also happens that he plainly reads hate comments ... I really hope he can correct himself 

2. [+28, -1]
What the? Juyeon suits hair up well, why are they like htat?

3. [+27, -7]
Why would you read that?? Why was it necessary... Is he trying to pick on him?

4. [+17, -1]
Hyunjae is the type who reads his own hate comments without thinking. He doesn't have bad intentions but it's true that it's right to not read other members' comments. Just looking at the other members' reactionsㅠ I hope he's more careful next time.. 

5. [+16, -2]
Meanwhile Younghoon and Sangyeon tried to cover up right away and Q made a joke about it, that's why they were able to let it slide. If nobody said anything, the atmosphere would've been f*cking ruined

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