She does seem like an influencer. I first liked her a lot as a dancer but I feel like she gradually started to only focus on her looks and stopped caring for her job... She has no other posts than luxury goods' ads..
Please focus on your job a bit ㅠㅠ

I'm not saying that she only has to upload dance videos on her Insta but after SWF, she's been only uploading ads about luxury goods like a celebrity... I liked Noze as a person even before SWF because of her dancing so this is sad. Also, I do think that Noze is pretty so it's true that I liked her even more because she's pretty.

If you're wondering what she used to post before, I added a screenshot of her feed last year at the end

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1. [+587, -9]
Just seeing how she said that she wanted to try acting too....

2. [+464, -19]
Leejung really has the best of both worlds... she's seriously impressive

3. [+332, -6]
Are luxury goods that good....

4. [+217, -1]
To be honest, out of the SWF leaders, Noze, Aiki and Leejung are the ones getting the most CFs but Aiki and Leejung haven't let go of their job and have been uploading dance videos regularly

5. [+173, -2]
Aiki has her broadcast schedule + preparing for her show + practice dance. Her schedule is hell but seeing how she's still been uploading dance videos on her Insta steadily makes me emotional and proud as a fan

6. [+161, 0]
This always happens when a kid who knows that she's pretty is doing not so well given her looks but blows up in an instant..

7. [+130, -3]
Her fans are f*cking sickening

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