When my boyfriend and I weren’t official but going on dates, we went to a boba shop. He was very talkative to the boba girl to the point of flirting. He was brightly talking to her while leaning over the counter, it’s flirty behavior. I would understand if he was a naturally flirty person but he doesn’t usually talk to people in that manner. I asked if he was flirting with her but he says no. But my heart breaks every time I think of it. My friend said I have to get over it now since I decided to continue dating him. I know it’s my fault. The only reason I continued dating him was because I couldn’t prove if it was flirting or not. Nor would he admit it. But I look back at it, I feel like it’s clear he was flirting with her. Or else he would treat everyone else like that, even men. I fell too deep into the relationship to just leave nor do I want to bring up such an old issue. Plus, he doesn’t do it anymore, so what can I do. Every time we get boba anywhere I just feel sad because I can’t stop thinking about that time he flirted with the girl in front of me. I wish I could make my heart feel less heavy from this.

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