The million seller cut is now at 17th ... 

First week sales top 50

1. BTS Map of the Soul:7 3.3M
2. BTS Proof 2.7M
3. BTS Be 2.2M
4. BTS Map of the Soul: Persona 2.1M
5. Seventeen Face the Sun 2M
6. BTS Butter 1.9M 
7. NCT Dream Glitch Mode 1.4M
8. Seventeen Your Choice 1.3M 
9. Seventeen Attaca 1.3M
10. TXT Minisode2: Thursday's Child 1.2M 
11. Enhypen Manifesto: Day1 1.2M
12. Seventeen Sector17 1.1M
13. Aespa Girls 1.1M
14. Im Youngwoong IM HERO 1.1M
15. Seventeen Haengarae 1M 
16. NCT Dream Hot Sauce 1.M 
17. BTS Love Yourself Tear 1M
18. ATEEZ The World Ep.1 : Movement 936K 
19. NCT Universe 933K 
20. Seventeen Semicolon 932K
21. NCT 127 Sticker 929K
22. EXO Don't Fight the Feeling 902K
23. Baekhyun Bambi 868K
24. BTS Love Yourself Answer 868K
25. Stray Kids Oddinary 853K 
26. NCT Dream Beatbox 848K
27. Enhypen Dimension: Dilemma 818K 
28. EXO Don't Mess Up My Tempo 789K 
29. BTS Love Yourself Her 759L
30. Lisa Lalisa 736K 
31. Baekhyun Delight 704K 
32. Seventeen One Ode 700K 
33. BlackPink The Album 689K 
34. Kim Hojoong Panorama 682K 
35. NCT Dream Hello Future 681K 
36. ATEEZ Zero: Fever pt. 3 665K 
37. NCT Resonance Pt.1 644K 
38. Stray Kids Noeasy 641K 
39. TXT Freeze 630K 
40. EXO The War 602K 
41. Treasure Teh Second Step: Chapt. 1 539K 
42. Kim Hojoong We Are Family 532K 
43. Young Tak MMM 524K 
44. X1 Quantum Leap 524K 
45. The Boyz Trill-ing 523L 
46. EXO Ex'act 522L 
47. Enhypen Dimension: Answer 514K 
48. The Boyz Maverick 489K
49. TXT Fight or Escape 483K 
50. ITZY Checkmate 472K

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1. Huh? Where do you find these??? Wow Aespa is 13th 

2. Trot's fandom is honestly so bigㄷㄷ

3. Wow look at Aespa among all the groups 

4. Bangtan was already a million seller starting from 2018, they're seriously daebakㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. Bangtan sold 3.3M in 2020 wow....

6. Ever since COVID started, the physical albums inflation started. If you look at groups that were already million sellers before that, there were only 2 groups.. But now, just how many of them are tehre?

7. So Bangtan sold 1M with Fake Love, I can really feel the inflation. It's been only 4 years and thigns changed so much 

8. I'm impressed to see EXO and Baekhyun with similar numbers

9. ATEEZ are daebak, they should succeed more..

10. Isn't it because the overseas market has been growing so everyone rose at the same time? Shouldn't we distinguish between inflation and just buying albums to listen to them?? Inflation usually comes in ups and down, but if the whole market is growing, of course the fans will increase

11. Of course fans have been increasing overall, but the fandom size has been pretty consistent with those of the past, it's true that one person would be purchasing more albums than before... In the past, 2 versions of an album was considered a lot, but right now, we have digipack, jewelry, etc. and the versions of albums became so different, and there are lots of people bulk buying just for photocards too 

12. Do people actually keep all the albums they buy?

13. First of all, there are more and more people who do sajaegi so this can explain too... Even for me, in the past, I used to only buy 1 set of album, but nowadays, I see people buy from 2~30 copies of an album 

14. Honestly, it's thanks to sajaegiㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ And the number of albums versions, photocards, unreleased photocards have become so severe

15. It's not only because of the versions of albums, but because they increased the number of photocards too, this is why it's been increasing at a scary rate

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