Okay so, I've been watching less and less Kpop dance covers over the years. It's weird to say that when the quality of each dance cover can almost equal Kpop MVs nowadays, the dancers also have sophisticated clothes and makeup. So somehow, it should be more appealing, right? But it wasn't for me, I slowly lost interest, probably because it feels *too* polished.

I mostly watched them years ago (probably around 2010 to 2015) because I used to dance and cover some songs too. There's just a very fun and relatable factor in having normal people, fans, getting together to dance on a song everyone likes. Maybe because I was also into Jpop (the odottemita community anyone?), I was just used to people having a fixed camera and the fanciest they could get would probably be costumes and a rented set. Maybe some intro and outro. So when the Kpop cover community started getting sponsors and having fancy camera angles and all, I was impressed. "Okay that's impressive and cool", I thought. Then some dancers started to give Kpop dance classes as well, which I also found fun and impressive.

However, I got the biggest reality check when I started to see teams holding strict auditions. I was so used to having just teams formed from friends that I was slightly taken aback. They weren't a studio or anything mind you, you aren't paid either but some requirements were kind of insane. I shrugged it off and thought that's what it takes to be in a well-known team. I also started to get away from some teams and comment sections because the staff behind teams could sometimes be pretty nasty and the viewers/fans could be so obnoxious too. The dancers are treated like idols almost, except that it's easier for "fans" to fawn over them in the streets or worse, at their workplace. I hated how people would nitpick at the dancers' outfits or appearance or how they're not as good as their idols or something. Instead of a fun fan community, everything turned so sour.

Maybe it's my nostalgia speaking because I'm aware everything online is so polished nowadays but I kind of miss the times people would just dance because they want to dance. I also miss the times fans wouldn't be that hostile towards everyone, including fellow fans who just happen to produce content lmao
Anyway, what do you think of Kpop dance cover teams nowadays?

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