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1. Wow the art of medicine is seriously insane

2. Wow but the prognostic is way better than I imagined. I hope that Youtuber who received it will turn out to be successful (t/n: they're referring to this post)

3. Ah this is so fascinating, I got into an accident this Summer and my skin started to necrotize, I also got a transplant and had to reperform surgery and had 2 major scars on my skin, I didn't know this method also existed

4. So fascinating, so your nose knows to regenerate? Ah so if you cut off your nose's skin, this is what you should do?

5. Wow it's creepy but interesting

6. Looks like those people all look better because their surgery went well... What a relief 

7. Wow the after pictures don't look obvious at all, they all look so naturalㅠㅠㅠㅠ

8. Wow ... Interesting... And the results are not bad, what a reliefㅜㅜ

9. It reminds me of when people lose their fingers and attach another finger and the latter starts acting like the previous finger.. 

10. Everyone looks so fine after, but the process must've been painfulㅜㅜ

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