Even for BTS, RM is the one who gathered all of them. Jungkook also said that he believes in RM and decided 'I'll pick this company (Bighit)'
Minji seems to be this kind of person too... 
At first, she used to be in Source Music, then she got approached enthusiastically from SM's casting team and got told to come to SM. Even Lee Sooman said that she reminded him of SES Eugene? (it's not forced, Lee Sooman apparently really said that)..
They even went to Minji's mom and told her that Minji could be the center if she joined SM, but Minji decided to just stay in Source Music... 
Lee Sooman even bypassed the casting team and said that he'll bring her to SM.. The fact that she still didn't go even when she was being chased after for being the center is impressive... But I'm still not sure why she decided to turn it down.. Only Minji knows.. 

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1. [+247, -6]
The fans really can't write business posts about them without dragging other groups? Why would you suddenly bring other world view in this and bring others down? Just stick to praising your unnies that's itㅋㅋ 

2. [+226, -15]
Stop with this bullsh*t about "Karina should be thankful towards Minji". Why are Pann girls projecting themselves on Minji to drag Karina?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ NewJeans' ajumma fangirls are seriously not fangirlingo n them, they're just projecting their miserable lives onto NewJeans to feel a bit better about themselves. ㅠㅋㅋㅋ Seeing the way they're using NewJeans to bash other female idols all the time, they seriously seem to be using them simply as a tool to project themselves

3. [+200, -12]
No but why are people dragging Aespa again? It's getting f*cking tiring 

4. [+153, -3]
But kids, wouldn't this mean that if they took Minji, SMrookies could've been an innocent team...? All the innocent members left and they debuted people like Karina and Giselle and other kids who look f*cking strong 

5. [+130, -2]
It's probably because she didn't believe in SM's promises. SM female rookies stayed over 10 years in SM and still haven't debuted. They revealed people like 03'er Lami as part of their upcoming girl group lineup and pretended they cared about her so much just to not debut her in the end. Of course nobody would like to join such company. And there's also the strong possibility that there would be SM trainees that are part of her relatives. The trainee industry is smaller than you think, and people know each other even when they're in different companies. So she probably just decided to stay with Source Music without much thought 

6. [+111, -56]
She did well not going. She would've ended up turning into some rocket punch bullsh*t despite her face 

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