Why is she still losing weight..

During Wannabe

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1. [+116, -8]
She was the prettiest at their debut

2. [+99, -8]
She definitely looks prettier in the picture below... she looks sporty too

3. [+98, -53]
She lost her charms after losing weight

4. [+89, -8]
Damn... it's so hard to please you guys

5. [+54, -12]
Honestly speaking, there were only a handful of pretty pictures from this promotions... I just hope that they'd give her more beautiful makeup... At least Yuna got a pretty styling maybe because of her hair but... No but she's not as white as Chaeryeong but she's not so dark that you can't tone her up either... ha... what's the point of losing weight if they're gonna give her this kind of makeup?

6. [+29, -1]
I like Ryujin the most in ITZY and ever since their ICY promotions, so many people were saying how she gained weight..ㅠㅠ She probably lost weight this time because she got stressed too. You guys are hating on other female idols for gaining weight based on maliciously edited pictures so why are you guys still making a fuss over someone for losing weight ㅠㅠ?!!!

7. [+20, -2]
Since when did Pann ever hate her for gaining weight though?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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