We will explain the rumors regarding Artist Company’s relationship with Vidente and Bucket STUDIO.

The agency recruited Kim Jae Wook as Artist Company’s CEO due to his connection with the agency’s actors when he was the CEO of Fantom Entertainment, and Kim Jae Wook served as Artis Company’s CEO from 2016 to 2018.

Around October 2017, the agency’s actors made simple investments to the company known as Vidente following the recommendation of Kim Jae Wook who was serving as CEO at the time. The actors were introduced [to Vidente] as a company that produces monitoring equipment they always come across on filming sets, and they were unaware of the fact that the company was later involved in the blockchain business. They withdrew their full investment amount in around 2018, and they have come to no longer have any relation to the company mentioned above.

Around July 27, 2018, Kim Jae Wook took over Artist Company Studio (Although this company has nothing to do with our company, as far as we know, Kim Jae Wook arbitrarily made that the company name. After changing the company name, [it is now known as] Bucket STUDIO.) without any discussion with the agency or the agency’s artists. Afterwards, Kim Jae Wook sold 15 percent of his shares of Artist Company to Artist Company Studio, which he had control over, and he unilaterally notified the agency and the agency’s actors. Through this, Kim Jae Wook left Artist Company, and Kim Jae Wook changed the name of Artist Company Studio to Bucket STUDIO. This reason we just explained is the reason why [Bucket STUDIO] has come to possess shares of our company, and besides owning a share of our company, we want to reveal the point that we have no exchanges with the company and that we have no relations to [Bucket STUDIO].

The agency and the agency’s actors learned through the media of the truth that Mr. Kang is the owner of Vidente and Bucket STUDIO in practice, and we have not contacted or come into contact with that person related to Vidente and Bucket STUDIO, and we do not even have the slightest acquaintance with Mr. Kang who is being mentioned now.

The agency has considered it to be unfortunate while monitoring that the name of Artist Company has been frequently mentioned in the stock news for the company known as Bucket STUDIO. We also inform you that Artist Company has no relation to Vidente, Bucket STUDIO, Kim Jae Wook, or Mr. Kang, so we hope there will not be any mistakes.
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1. What's the correlation between being acquainted with someone and investing in a business?

2. A monitoring equipment business....???...?????

3. The timing sure is something..ㅎ

4. But I'm not trying to shield them but isn't it possible that they didn't know?? Why are the comments being snarky? For real, they probably trusted their CEO's words and thought it was just a monitoring equipment company no...?
> Who would blindly invest 3 billion won without knowingㅎㅎ
>> I know right....
>> ..ㅠThere sure are lots of innocent kids around
> It's almost as convincing than saying Park Minyoung had no idea about her ex-boyfriend's background

5. Of course they probably already reapt everything they madeㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 

6. Do they think people are this dumb...ㅋㅋ

7. Lee Jungjae sure has lots of controversies

8. Imagine not knowing where you invest 30billion won intoㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ

9. Lee Jungjae has lots of controversies, but also lots of fans...ㅎㅎ

10. Ohhh so it's possible to invest 30 billion won blindly, alright 

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