After going to Yonsei Akaraka, she went straight to Paris the night on that day
After arriving to Paris, she went to Fred's event, and the moment it ended, she came back to Korea (it was also a long flight) 
And just yesteday, she went to Chungnam Chungbuk National University's festival)
(Even before that, she went to a bunch of festivals and events) 

Today she has her MC special stage filming at 5AM + 5 hours of Mubank live filming + AJOU university festival + Sungkyunkwan University festival (the time for her appearance for those university festivals hasn't been decided yet) 

The next day, 

And after that

She's back to Paris for Miu Miu's event

The fans are happy that she's getting all those events, but to please give her some time to rest too..

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1. Seriously everytime I see idols' scehdules, I gasp

2. She must be having a hard time, meanwhile she's still smiling through all her events, she's honestly impressiveㅠㅠ

3. Wow today's schedule must be especially tiring considering the fact she starts filming in the middle of the night and has to attend 2 festivals. It's cool that she's doing all this while smiling 

4. They're sending her to Paris as if it was a Busan tripㅠㅠ

5. The moment you become a model for a brand events, you shouldn't skip any of their events. I'd rather she skips the domestic event and lets the other members take care of them. People will understand if one person can't make it to a domestic event for the sake of their other events. This schedule is way too intense

6. I bet she's able to endure this because she's still so young, but I wonder if it's necessary for her to attend all those Paris event?

7. Starship are way too severe.. All their digital albums hit daebak, and they were able to earn good money so I don't think they should be in a rush to earn more money? Why would they make her attend that many events? I hope Wonyoung doesn't get sick and promotes for a long timeㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

8. Wonyoung is still so young but she should be taking care of her body while promoting. I'm watching her with a grandma's heart

9. Do they think that Paris is a nearby neighborhood? Cut it down already, they'll ruin her body like that 

10. Isn't she still a minor? Please... Ha she's working so hard so they must think it's nice but her guardian (agency) shouldn't let this slide like that. This is so harmful 

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