In the midst of the Itaewon crushing tragedy, [the artists] decided to hold the concert after much discussion. As the government declared a period of national mourning after the large-scale casualties occurred, most of the events and concerts scheduled for the 30th were canceled.

As K-pop fans may know, face-to-face concerts require billions of won in production costs and a lot of manpower. If the show is canceled a few hours before it has already been all set up, a huge amount of money and manpower are wasted. Moreover, small and medium-sized companies are even more severely affected. Accordingly, Yoon Jongshin and Lim Jaebum also held scheduled Sunday performances, like ATEEZ and Dreamcatcher.

Also, ATEEZ and Dreamcatcher are groups with a stronger overseas fan base than in Korea. Most of the seats for their concerts were also filled with international fans. If foreigners, who are the main sources of revenue for the two teams, who have built their global presence through world tours conducted for years, are notified of the cancellation of the concert without knowing the domestic circumstances, it is inevitable that strong protest against the artists' companies will ensue. 

In the end, the two teams held their scheduled performances for this same reason. However, considering the societal atmosphere, ATEEZ canceled the press conference for reporters and took time to commemorate the Itaewon disaster before and after the performance. Dreamcatcher also paid tribute to the deceased by delivering a message of condolences during the performance.

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1. Who are swearing at them? 
> Psychopaths on Twitterㅋㅋ

2. Please leave small agencies out of this 

3. They need to perform to put food on the table... ㅠㅜ Can people stop putting blame on others all the time 

4. Fighting 

5. Whether they're a small or big agency, the damage would be huge. It's just that big agencies have enough capital to cover for the loss, but not small agencies. Even though they decided not to cancel it, they shouldn't be sworn at. Those people's livelihood are on the line for this, please leave them alone 

6. What are you going to do about the staff's pay? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ If you can't cover for all of them, then shut up ...

7. What "forced".. What a way of choosing words..

8. I support them 

9. So nobody went to work at their offices and didn't go to school or what?

10. No but do you think it's that easy to just cancel? 

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