Artist of the year: BTS (Daesang)

Song of the year: IVE (Daesang)

Album of the year: BTS (Daesang)

Best new female artist: IVE

Best new male artist: Xdinary Heroes

Best female group: Blackpink

Best male group: BTS

Best female artist: Nayeon

Best male artist: Im Youngwoong

Best vocal performance solo: Taeyeon

Best vocal performance group: Bigbang

Best dance performance solo: PSY

Best dance performance female: IVE

Best dance performance male: Seventeen

Best band performance: Xdinary Heroes

Best hiphop & urban music: Jay Park

Best OST: Melomance

Best collaboration: PSY (with Suga)

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1. Xdinary Heroes are...interesting..... The rest were all given based on the predictions 

2. So this year was quite competitive

3. The band award is honestly oba. They've always given it based on results until now, and now they're giving them to the big agencies

4. Aside from the band, everyone deserved it 

5. Seirously XDinary are so suspicious..

6. Aside from one group, the rest did well!

7. Only XDinary makes me wonder, the rest deserved them 

8. XDinary????? Is that a group's name??

9. Isn't it way too obvious that is should've been Jannabi....? The fact that they give awards based on companies is just sadㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

10. What about Idle..?

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