I'm not saying everyone is like that. 
And I'm not saying the people below are the representative visuals of their countries
Those are just examples

Chinese flower boys: Long and slender faces, sharp features, deep eyes, strong nose, crazy tall, 'superior', confident, like a prince without any fear

Japanese flower boys

Short lower face, thick lips, huge eyes, deep double eyelids, Southern looking(?), hot vibes, kind, prince rather than just a prince

Korean flower boy

Sense of balance between features, big eyes without double eyelids, Nothern vibes (?), gaze & aura, bright and fair skin, innocent, like a prince with a story

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1. Dylan Wang...ㅜㅜㅜ It's been so long 

2. I've always thought that Yokohama Ryusei was like that. Short lower face, deep double eyelids. He's indeed a Japanese flower boy 

3. Korea is the best, I love you 

4. The other people aside from Korea are all handsome, but look a bit burdensome 

5. Wow but Seo Kangjoon is actually so handsome what in the world 

6. Eunwoo-yah you're making me feel patriotic

7. Cha Eunwoo kinda has the features that all China, Japan and Korea want 

8. Dylan Wang and Seo Kangjoon... They don't look alike, but they're both faces that I like

9. As expected I'm Korean afterall, I have my taste

10. I'm Korean but why do I feel more drawn towards Japan... 

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