All the best replies are talking about why Giselle is wearing such a thing?

(t/n: we will just translate the content inside the screenshot)

- Giselle's outfit... To dance in it...Stylist teacher... This is not it
- Is Giselle's cordi crazy? What is this?
- I'm scared for Giselle's outfit
 - Ugh Giselle's outfit was too shocking 
- Giselle's outfit is unconventional... 
- Did I see Giselle's outfit wrong... 
- No... I was skeptical of my eyes when I saw Giselle's outfit... No but why is it only covering the frong 
- No but what kind of variety show clothes is this... Is the cordi not thinking... 
- Giselle's outfit... Cordi-nim, this is not it
- No but why is our unnie's outfit like that? Crazy
- Ellie's clothes are just wrong 
- No but what's wrong with Giselle's cordi seriously. It's like she's wearing those name tags they wear during the music show rehearsal. Ha...........
- No but I was Giselle's outfit and thought my eyes saw wrong... She has no back...?
- Giselle's clothes look uncomfortable, I was shocked. How can she dance while only wearing something in front... It keeps moving, seriously is the cordi in their right minds?

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1. This is freaking explicit 

2. They f*cking undressed her at this point 

3. Wearing this while dancing is oba

4. This is a variety show, what is this?

5. What is this? It's not even pretty

6. Hul what the? It looks like she only covered her front 

7. Wow the outfit is freaking burdensome, imagine wearing that to a variety show 

8. I hate seeing aespa in these kinds of outfits 

9. Even with the outer, it looks bad 

10. ????? What the? I'm so shocked 

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