On April 19th (local time), actor Lee Byung Hun attended the “The Future of Hallyu: Korean Film on the Global Stage” conference held at Stanford University in California, the U.S. 

That day, Lee Byung Hun shared, “Before JSA, I paid more attention to the characters. However, after then, I began to consider the script as more important”.

When asked, “Have you ever regretted refusing a casting offer?”, the actor listed out “Parasite”, “Old Boy”, and “Decision to Leave”. He explained, “It was because I already had the schedules for other projects.”

Regarding his criteria for selecting a work, Lee Byung Hun said, “Feelings are very important”, adding “I tend to like it if the emotions and feelings I get right after reading the script are interesting”.

Getting praised for answering most questions from the audience in English, Lee Byung Hun shared, “I studied English mostly at the academy I attended in my second year of high school. I have never received any English lessons in Hollywood”, adding “To prepare for today’s event, I spent two months straight studying English for the first time in my life”, drawing laughter.

Revealing that he doesn’t differentiate between movies and dramas, Lee Byung Hun added, “The development of the OTT market has created great opportunities for Korean actors.”

Meanwhile, Lee Byung Hun’s next film “Concrete Utopia” is set to premiere soon.

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1. Legendary discerning eyeㅋㅋ

2. Was he gonna play Song Kang Ho's role in Parasite?
> Ah Lee Sun Kyun

3. I'm curious about which role he was offered in those three. I feel like he was given the role of Hae Joon so I'm curious about how Lee Byung Hun would've played him

4. Park Hae-Il was super good in Decision to Leave but I'm curious about Lee Byung Hun's version too. I wonder how he'd pull it off.. I wonder what kind of vibe he'll use to deliver the dialogues

5. But I feel like he would pull off all 3 projects

6. He must really be regretting Parasiteㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ what's worse is that he kinda would've matched the role

7. Wow I wanna see Lee Byung Hun in Decision to Leave. I feel like he would be even more my style

8. He's so good at acting no matter what genre, from comedy to romance, to sageuk, to action... He acts in a way that makes the character shine so much to the point that I'm not even watching Lee Byung Hun anymore

9. It's a f*cking relief that he didn't play in Decision to Leave

10. I don't even want to imagine a Hae Joon that's not played by Park Hae-Il

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