If you're a girl, you'd relate

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1. [+203, -4]
No but how can she not look cheap even with that much exposure? She just looks sexy and pretty and I'm not a Hannam;;; Seriously, as a girl, I'm just in awe with her beauty

2. [+180, -19]
Her outfit is revealing but she doesn't look cheap but bright and healthy. She has a kind-looking face but a not-so-kind body, she's too pretty

3. [+162, -6]
She's really the real dealㅋㅋㅋㅋ she's pretty and confident and it's good to see

4. [+139, -5]
Her clothes are sexy but her song and concepts aren't sexy but she's just enjoying her time on stage which creates an even better synergy for her

5. [+50, -7]
What the... Kwon Eunbi is just different from other girl groups who do sexy concepts... She's not dancing sexily nor moving in a sexy way but she just looks assertive? She kinda gives off the "that's my body" vibes? Ah it's seriously hard to explain... I get that her body and proportions are good but she's kinda different from just being simply sexy?... Ah I can't explain it

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