The group is known for Kim Dongjoon, Park Hyungsik, Im Siwan and Hwang Kwanghee
But there are also 5 other  members...? Let's see how one of those 5 are living their lives now 

- After this, I had no more job so I experienced the hardships of life
 - I stayed in Incheon, and lived in a 1 room apartment 
- With a deposit of 1M won (~746USD)
- And my monthly rent was 330K won? (252USD)

- I was still doing a part time job at a factory 
- The only money I had left was a bill of 1000 won... (75cents)
- Right now, I'm working at one of Coupang's distribution center (t/n: similar to Amazon in Korea) 
- I move boxes up and down the rails
- So I got bruised a lot 

- It's kinda gross
- I work a 6 days work week and earn around 640K won (489USD)
- I heard things like "Yah Taeheonie is working part time at a distribution center"
- "Isnt' this insane?"
- So I wondered "Me too I need to earn a living, why am I getting treated like that?"
- So I felt really lonely

- "Why are you slandering ZE:A's name?"
- So do I have to not work at all? What's embarrassing about it?
- Looking at Siwan hyung
- Of course, I'm envious, I'm envious but (that's the results of his own hard work)
- He's a hyung who studies his scripts through and through 

- Siwan hyung, Dongjoon, Kwanghee hyung too
- They're always the ones who contact me first 
- "This is the kind of hardworking friend you are"
- They even sent me XXXK won... Sometimes XXXXK won... 

He said that Kwanghee is always supporting him and even sends him living expenses.. 
Kwanghee succeeded in his variety shows and Dongjoon is also promoting fine 
Im Siwan became a top actor and he gets to shoot dramas and movies, and now he's confirmed for Squid Game 2

The other unpopular member, one of them being Taeheon
is living in a 1M won deposit apartment with a 330,000won monthly rent, working at a distribution center of Coupang
At the same time, he is pursuing his new dream of becoming an actor by working as a boxer and joining an acting troupe.

There were times when he was secretly jealous of the members who did well, but he also respected the members who rose to their respective positions.
He says that although he envies them, they help him work hard, and keep in constant contact with him.

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1. No but this is seriously such a cool guy, I must remember his name 

2. Living an honest life is the coolest, I'll support him 

3. So cool, the other members are all doing well but instead of giving up, he continues to work his way up, this isn't something easy to do 

4. He did not smear the group's name 

5. With a mindset like this guys' he's never going to fail 

6. His mindset is so cool 

7. What a cool mindset, I'll support him!

8. This shows how strong of a mindset he has, he's healthy and cool. I'll support him 

9. Everyone should live like him. If you keep on swearing at others while living, your life will just continue to take twists and turns, this is why you should continue to live an honest life 

10. So cool, let's work hard in our lives

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