[enter-talk] BUT RIIZE SHOTARO

His face isn't exceptional within the industry but if he existed in normal life, he would be f*cking popular?
He's always smiling and he's serious when working
He dresses well and has a good body so he would be so popular
His personality is warm too

Nowadays, I've been obsessed with Shotaro so I'll share a few pictures

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1. [+62, 0]
I've never seen an adult man laughing this brightly in real life... if there was, he must be already taken right?......

2. [+58, 0]
Seriously, his whole person is so kind-hearted and he's good at his work. The more I see him, the more I find him attractive

3. [+56, -10]
No but Shotaro is f*cking handsome... he's even more handsome because his personality is nice

4. [+49, -1]
I've never seen a guy like him in real life..

5. [+46, -1]
Nowadays, his manly charms are insane... he's oba;;;

6. [+33, 0]
I can't believe that he used to hate that much hate for his face. He's so handsome in a clean way... He recently got darker hair so I can't even tell his age. If you watch their content, you'll see that he's a hyung to his dongsaengs... our Taro will be even more successful in the future~~ He's a late bloomer~~ And he's a talented idol~

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