[marriage & in-laws] MY AUNT'S HUSBAND WANTS TO INTRODUCE ME TO A 43 Y.O...


I'm a 29-year-old woman.
I'm single. I don't feel lonely.
I don't like children.

Now that I'm older, 2-3 years ago, during the holidays.
people started asking me if I had a boyfriend or if I should get married.
And once one person starts, the others start to agree.

I remember one weekend we were all eating together.
and my aunt's husband asked me if I had a boyfriend, and I said no.
He said that someone at works at his own company is 43 y.o, he's healthy and reliable.
He's got a lot of money, and my my aunt's husband asked, "Why don't you go out and meet him?"
I said, "I'm 29," and he said, "Meet him first. He is a good person"
My mom also said that a 14 years age gap is too much.

My aunt's husband said that age doesn't matter in love these days if I look at celebrities.
A 10-20 years age gap is a lot and I'm turning 30 next year but why must I meet someone 14 years older than me? My aunt's daughter is 14 y.o and if I tell him to wait 6 years to introduce her to a 49 y.o, I bet that he'll fight back?

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No matter if he's your aunt's husband or not, telling a 29 y.o to meet someone in their 40's is so f*cked up

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Telling him to introduce his 14 y.o daughter 6 years later to him is the right answer. He's not even family. How can he tell this to his niece?

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If he said that age doesn't matter, then just return the same logic to him and tell him to introduce his daughter in 6 years to that man. OP, you can tell him that age is important to you so you won't go on that blind date. Don't get mad and just talk to him him like this

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(Commenter is a man) Celebrities who have a 14 y.o age gap earn billions of won and will also be earning billions in the future... tell him that... How can you introduce a 43 y.o to someone in their 20's just because they have an apartment?... he should screw off...

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Tell him to introduce his daughter or his sibling's daugthers and tell him that you're not interested. If he's a good person, he should first take care of his own daughter or niece first~

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