His affair got known to the entire nation and he received every single type of mockery possible and even became a meme, but he endured all of this. I find it fascinating 

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I feel like he's #1 when it comes of celebrities who are the most shameless...

2. [+453, -10]
And the epic continues when he endured all this bullying and went on to have a second child 

3. [+434, -10]
Lee Minjung is the real amazing one here

4. [+289, -10]
I feel like that's usually what happens to actors that the general public all knows. Honestly, whether you get sworn at in our country or internationally, it takes a moment for you to receive an astronomical amount of hate and buzz around everything you do, but once it dies down, people will either start beautifying everything for you, or your fans will slowly start shielding you again and you'll be able to restore your reputation 

5. [+206, -20]
I don't know what he was thinking internally, but I watched his interview with Kim Namgil recently? And I saw the way he was being territorial against Kim Namgil and was trying to push his way up the ranking and realized how "tough" this guy was...

6. [+113, -2]
It's because he's simply shameless. Bad people usually last longer

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