She's working at S2 Entertainment, founded by former Cube CEO Hong Seung-seong.
She said she worked in an office job, but then she switched to being a creative director there
And she (and Hong Seung-seong) made Kiss of Life together

Meanwhile fromis_9 is going to the year-end awards ceremony and making a comeback
I feel sorry for Lee Hae In even though she's living well
It's a relief that Kiss of Life is doing well 
I hope that Kiss of Life can succeed Lee Hae In can be happy 
I feel so sorry and bad for her

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1. [+126, -2]
The real #1 was Lee Hae in and they dropped her to rig Roh Jisun

2. [+104, -2]
All I can think of whenever I see fromis_9 is that picture I saw in the top trending articles. They already picked all the members from day 1 and they evil edited everything. What crime did the contestants commit?
"The one in the middle looks like Suzy"
"This view is way better than the previous one"
"This looks like Jisun princess and the maids next to her, Sorry to say that"

3. [+101, -1]
Idol School was at the level of taking someone's life and toying with it. If they didn't want to debut her, just don't put her in the show in the first place? They already decided on every member to put in that group anyways and rigged the whole thing 

4. [+68, -2]
Even the contestants themselves said that they already had a list of "nominees" from the start. Imagine how unfairly treated they felt like when they were spending all this time shooting with them while being treated like servants

5. [+59, -1]
Hae in is amazing, if I were her, I'd be so disillusioned that I would want to expose everything, but instead she became a director... But fromis_9 should at least be quiet with their promotions when everyone knows they got rigged. Instead, they keep being pushed on public TV and are creating such a dislikable image to themselves

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