S-rank: NMIXX

NMIXX: Nobody can refute this and their dances are intense too. Their live singing is the best and even if you look back at history, they would be considered one of the best

A+ rank: ITZY

ITZY: They are super good but sometimes, I can see that they are unstable. Lia is not there now but I feel like their rank could go higher

A-rank: STAYC

STAYC: I think that they are higher than I-dle and NewJeans but I think that they are lower than ITZY. STAYC is famous for being good at live. But their dance is on the easier side, even so, they are good at what they are supposed to be good at

B-rank: IVE

IVE: I was gonna put them lower but nowadays, I can see them trying hard to sing live so I'm leaving them in B. Liz, Yujin and Leeseo are consistently singing live

F-rank: aespa and LE SSERAFIM

aespa and LE SSERAFIM: I don't think that they have any intention of singing live. A few days ago, Eunchae and Chaewon were the only ones singing live at the year end stage. I hope that LE SSERAFIM would stop cosplaying themselves as some talented stage masters. They sing live less than IVE and NewJeans so how are they more talented? And for aespa too, they are always bragging about their vocals and their dances are simple, but why are they never singing live? They are also known for not singing live so I can't give them a good score. And you're telling me that they are good at encore stage? Can you really compare someone dancing and singing to someone standing and singing? Idols are all good at singing when they are just standing still

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1. [+34, -28]
Seeing how the SM fans are all triggered, seems like it's true

2. [+33, -12]
This was written by an ahjussi who fanboys on flops from the 3rd generation and who are jealous of the 4th gen female idols. Don't feed this troll

3. [+29, -17]
Ok, next flop idol fan in lineㅋㅋ

4. [+23, -5]
Seriously, I'm honestly curious so I'm asking this. Do Bunnies really think that NewJeans are the best dancers of the 4th gen?

5. [+21, -16]
Your flops will never win over A-listers anywaysㅠㅠ go stream your flops' songs insteadㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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