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Whenever they shoot things, they get a bit more busy and once they're done shooting, they go on hiatus and can fool around, and then they'll get a new work again
It looks freaking nice

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1. And even if you're not a top actor, but you somewhat have recognition, the amount of money you earn compared to commoners can't even be compared because of how much it is...And once they're done shooting, they can rest all they want

3. But once you're done shooting, you don't know when new work will ever arrive...ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. That's why, whenever I see people shield them on top of this, I get even more jealous 

5. But no matter what job you do, the more you climb to the top, the better your WLB becomes

6. The rumors that only A-list actors earn a lot is just a lie... There was even an article that talked about how much rookies can earn too now 

7. But don't this only apply to lead actors?

8. But idols too no?
> But for idols, they have to attend other schedules to fill in the fan service and they have a lot of things to do even outside of promotions

9. That's true, and as a celebrity, the higher you go, the more celebrity treatment you receive

10. Seriously the best job is those that comes in waves and you can rest in between 

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