I've been dating my girlfriend for about half a year and for the most part it's been great. But that's not to say that we didn't have our obstacles in the beginning of the relationship.

In the beginning, there were a lot of people from her past that were still trying to convince her to date them, she even had an ex messaging her for months trying to convince her to break up with me and get back together.

I'm not usually a jealous partner but every time she gets messages like this, she feels the need to tell me or show me the messages. We've had conversations where I've stated that I don't like it when she shows me the messages and I've suggested blocking them or being blunt with them and telling them that they should respect that fact that she's in a relationship and to stop sending inappropriate messages but she says she doesn't want to hurt their feelings. I've also had people in my past reach out and feel the waters to see if there's any feelings I have left for them but I'm always very firm that I'm in a relationship or I don't answer at all.

The other day my gf was on my phone on her instagram account and forgot to log out. I know what a lot of you are thinking and no, I did not go through her DMs lol but I noticed that she put a story for her close friends. I was curious and looked through her list of close friends and not one person she hangs out with or claims is her friend was on the list.

Her list consisted of people she's had flings with and all of her exes.

I don't know why she only has them on her close friends list, but when I brought it up to her, she just laughed it off and said that she just wanted to show them that she's living her best life. I don't know how to navigate in my relationship now because I keep needing to remind myself that just because I would/wouldn't do something in our relationship, I can't expect her to react/do the same. Is this something that's worth discussing (this will eventually lead to an argument, which I'm trying to avoid) or am I just being paranoid?

Any advice is greatly appreciated :)

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