On the 30th, the YouTube channel ‘Caracula Crime Lab’ community said, "We are waiting for reports from those who have been victims of fraud, threats, and witness accounts of child abuse by Park OO (born in 1995, from Wonju), a single mother who lives in the same apartment as Madam Kim OO and who has made blackmail threats, claiming that she is a hacker.

Caracula also released a photo showing Park's face without the mosaic along with a request for spreading the information. .

On the 28th, Park was arrested on charges of extorting money from Lee Sun Kyun by threatening him. She appeared holding a baby at the warrant hearing held at the Seoul Central District Court on this day, and was criticized by netizens for saying, “She is trying to gain sympathy by using the baby as a shield.”

Park, who is known to have lived in the same apartment as Kim, the manager of the adult entertainment establishment, has a criminal record of being sentenced to prison for fraud, and it was revealed that Park became acquainted with Kim in prison and continued to be close to her by living in the house above her.

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1. But people don't even want to release the personal identity of murderers out there ㅎ

2. Why is he revealing her personal information?

3. I feel like Caracula crossed the line here

4. It's that easy to reveal someone's personal information? That's crazy 

5. Why would you reveal her identity;; 

6. She's way too young, there's no need to reveal who she is damn 

7. This is honestly cringe...

8. A 95'er??

9. Ah so they have a 20 years differenceㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Was he hanging out with a kid?

10. No but... She's 20 years younger than him..

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