She even sent her own inquiries to make some fixes to the choreography...
With Jang Wonyoung's schedules, she can easily just take whatever the company gives her. She's amazing 

"But we had to change Woonyoung-nim's part again right?

"Wonyoung-nim told us herself like that"

""I was hoping we can have [the part] reflect the lyrics more""

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1. [+47, -1]
Whether what she does is visible or invisible, she's really giving her all in everything she does and she expresses her opinion confidently, seriously she's a pro idol and you can tell she's super confident

2. [+45, -1]
I just saw her correct her own script in her content, I felt like she really is living her life working hard

3. [+43, -0]
I can understand what Park Jinyoung said when I read stuff like that 

4. [+38, -0]
Even last year, and this year again, she was correcting the mistranslations in Japanese by herself, she's honestly insane

5. [+18, -26]
Why isn't she practicing her singing during all this time?

6. [+12, -0
I love LaChica!!!! Wonyoung is so cool too 

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