The fans are saying stuff like "Taemin-ah, please give Yeonjun Guilty~" and bullsh*t like that f*ckㅋㅋ
The fans are otakus, so of course they can talk like that, but they themselves are even posting #YeonTy on their official account. No matter how good the cover is, they're acting as if Guilty was in fact Yeonjun's song and it's so annoying..
Taemin has debuted as a solo 10 years ago and he's been shooting to his career high with this album. He even participated so much in his album, that's how much dedication he put it it, meanwhile he's being f*cking robbed. And it's not like the song was released 3 years ago, but 3 months ago ㅋㅋ 
And it's not like Taemin isn't performing it, it's because he can't. And people who are being boastful about Taemin being satisfied with it f*ck

"Guys, this is part of eternity concept photo (promotion) If you decipher Choi Yeonjun's post numbers using the Polybius code,

22 = g 
45 = u 
24 = i 
31 = l 
44 = t 
54 = y

There's no way Choi Yeonjun doesn't cover Guilty"

"Maybe this was intentional. the Yeonjun in the 943 MV and the Guilty Yeonjun are continuous"

#Yeonty #Guilty 

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1. [+124, -6]
I thought this was going to be a forced hate and some overreactions, but after I read the post, I understand why people are pissed 

2. [+114, -11]
This wasn't just a cover, he even put his voice and recorded it. And it's not like every single member had a part in this, this was basically Choi Yeonjun's solo and they even gave him backdancers. It was f*cking overdone ㅋㅋ Guilty is indeed a popular song, but people who don't know about it will definitely think that this was a Yeonjun song F*ckㅋㅋ Usual cover stages aren't done this way right? Hybe didn't even bother tagging #Taemin on it, they're f*cking thugs. This is why I hate Hybe 

3. [+101, -8]
If Moas saw other hoobae fandoms cover their songs and not mention TXT in their official account, and steal the worldview of TXT, shoved it down their throats and asked "Yeonjun-ah please give us 943" they would've freaking lost it. The fact that they're calling Taemin's fans "sensitive" is even funnier ㅋㅋ

4. [+97, -7]
Shawols are seriously too kind, honestly I would''ve understood them bandwagoning against Yeonjun 

5. [+89, -6]
They don't know how to keep their boundariesㅋㅋ Do they want their sunbae singer to f*cking side eye him?

6. [+55 ,-0]
Honestly trying to link Taemin's worldview into Yeonjun's is crossing the line 

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