Hyeri has swiftly decided on her next project. According to exclusive coverage by Star News on the 2nd, Hyeri has been confirmed as the female lead in the movie "Tropical Night."

"Tropical Night" is a noir film written and directed by Kim Pan-soo. The movie is the latest work of Hive Media Corp, known for producing films like "Inside Men," "The Last Princess," "The King's Letters," "The Man Standing Next," "Deliver Us from Evil," and "12.12: The Day".

In the film, Hyeri plays the role of Ari, a former K-pop girl group leader who now works as a pole dancer in a club on Walking Street in Bangkok, Thailand. Ari, who was a girl group member in Korea, and Taekang (played by Woo Do Hwan), who worked part-time as an event agent, meet at an event and instantly form a romantic connection. Besides Hyeri and Woo Do-hwan, Jang Dong Gun is also set to star in "Tropical Night." The movie will be shot entirely on location in Thailand and began filming at the end of January.

Hyeri is currently awaiting the release of her film "Victory." "Victory" is the first cheerleading-themed film in Korea. Set in 1999, at the southern tip of Geoje, it tells the story of a cheerleading club 'Millennium Girls,' formed solely for dancing by Philsun (played by Lee Hyeri) and Mina (played by Park Sewan), who spread fervent support through dance and music.


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1. Did her acting finally improve?

2. Please practice your acting 

3. 🤔🤔

4. I do think that Hyeri suits the character of Ari

5. She's so bad at acting, yet she keeps getting lead roles🤔

6. That sucks, even the character description itself...

5. Jang Dong-gun and a noir film... Seriously this combination seems weird already, but add Hyeri to it... 

6. Withe her acting skills, she's better off acting as the lead's female friend than the lead itself yet she keeps getting those good roles despite her dramas failing 

7. I hope her acting will be better..

8. There's nothing noir about her face

9. So Jang Dong-gun is coming back...

10. Jang Dong-gun himself sucks at acting so who cares

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