"Plans of Ahyeon coming back?"

- Because of health reasons, Ahyeon had to halt training for a few months
- As BABYMONSTER's debut had to be pushed this year (because of this), they ended up debuting on November 27th as a 6 members group first
- We're still unsure as to when Ahyeon will be able to be back, but we will reveal it later

Yang Hyunsuk revealed himself that everything were just rumors and that she'll indeed come back

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1. Looks like she'll indeed be back..?

2. Hmm... I've seen cases when they did that and they never actually came back too 

3. That's why people have been waiting? This is so unbelievable 

4. How are people actually believing his words?

5. Why is this person always showing his face again? He really can't read the room 

6. I hope she can come back fast, she shines so much on stage, I've been looking forward to her the most. I'm also looking forward to her promotions

7. Sigh I like the members in the group but I get annoyed by them because Yang Hyunsuk keeps showing his face with them..

8. So is she really that sick?

9. Isn't he not the CEO anymore?

10. But why is he always showing his face?

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