"Men's average
20-24 y.o: 222.75 mm
25-29 y.o: 217.12 mm
30-34 y.o: 213.09 mm
35-39 y.o: 211.85 mm

Here are the averages for each age group. Contrary to the myth that "heads are getting smaller," the vertical length of head is getting longer. 

Women's average
20-24 y.o: 212.67 mm
25-29 y.o: 212.25 mm
30-34 y.o: 204.39 mm
35-39 y.o: 204.09 mm

The average length of women's head is also getting longer, just like men. There is hope that 'long face' may become a standard of beauty in the future."

Everyone's head is becoming bigger..

There are also researches proving this

"Korean DNA that can't be overcome? People grew 5 centimeters taller in 42 years, but so did their heads."

"Koreans, Heights and legs are getting longer but head size is also becoming bigger"

Some articles also say that heights are shrinking
"The 'tallest' generation is in their 30's... 174 cm for men and 161.9 cm for women"

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1. I wonder why?

2. But kids nowadays have totally small heads though?

3. Is it because the average height is getting taller..?

4. Isn't it because people are becoming taller???

5. I thought that their heads were slowly becoming smaller though?

6. But they are probably taller too
> Seeing how the height has stayed at 173 cm for 20 years, I think that this is just a genetic limitation

7. Hul why is that?

8. Kids' faces look small these days because they're young and are not gaining weight...

9. Sneef... my head is so big...

10. Why? Seriously, I wonder if it's because humans evolved to get bigger heads or if it's environmental

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