"I didn't enjoy the male lead voice actor. If the acting was good, I would've given it a higher score. The more I listen, the more it felt like listening to someone read a book, like a robot without any emotion, and the pitch was bad and not at a good level either. It would've been also nicer if the singing and the voice were done by separate people. If you're going to pick another voice actor next time, please choose someone who can sing and act"

"Eunseok's dubbing sucked so bad"

"Ah Branch's dubbing was such a let down! The tone and the enunciation didn't match Branch at all. I miss Park Hyungsik voicing the first part... The story and the OST were all good though. The 8 y'o's mom and dad both enjoyed watching it."

"Ah, the videography was good and the music was great, but listening to Branch's dubbing was very difficult. Throughout the movie, I felt like he was reading the script without any emotion, so my immersion kept breaking. The other roles all did fine, but I had an especially hard time listening to Branch's dubbing, so it was disappointing because it interfered with my understanding of the story. It's such a shame that I wish more attention had been paid to the emotions of dubbing."

"Hwang Kwanghee did way better than Eunseok; honestly my immersion was broken every time I listened to him"

"Please stop making idols dub... Do you think it makes sense that they didn't even have subtitles version in the screening? At least give us the choice; all the screenings in the weekend and weekdays are only dubbed versions"

"The lead male dubbing was such a miscast"

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1. [+59, -13]
But rather than SM monopolizing, Wendy actually got such good responses when she did dubbing?? The real problem here is Eunseok 

2. [+49, -6]
Just how bad was the result..

3. [+48, -9]
He was f*cking bad 

4. [+35, -10]
For real, he was so disgustingly bad, he deserves the hate

5. [+20, -11]
This is f*cking dumbfoundingㅋㅋㅋ When the movie came out, the responses were fine, but someone suddenly mentioned that the idol voice actor should've been removed, and from there onwards, everyone started nitpicking about it because it created a buzzㅋㅋㅋ Then why don't you guys also nitpick the same way about other voice actors?ㅋㅋ Because normal voice actors have no promotional value for the film, and it would've flopped the film even more, that's why they went with an idol; If you're gonna complain, go complain to the casting company instead, but since you can't, you're here hating on Eunseok. And if he refused the role, people will complain about "how can a rookie refuse a role?" and swear at him. Of course it's better for him to accept it and gain some experience;  And now that idols are taking on voice acting roles, you guys are suddenly interested in voice acting? You're not simply pretending to worry about voice actors?

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