As both a long term K-POP fan and someone who grew up in Korea, I feel like as K-POP grew bigger, fans have been overusing and/or misusing the term "Sasaeng." Someone with a DSLR camera at a concert, SASAENG! Fan who goes to many events, though all official, SASAENG! Sasaeng is literally derived from the word "Private life" and is someone who follows their favorites' private lives i.e. camping outside their homes, calling their private phone numbers, etc. I-fans definitely have definitely not seen real sasaengs. If you see lots of young women waiting in front of an apartment building, you know some boy group lives there and I've personally seen this a couple of times.

And then there are fansites and rich fans. Which I believe people like to call sasaeng either because they do not know better or they refuse to accept the truth that they are categorized differently from sasaengs. These people know information way sooner than most fans because they are actually given these information themselves by the company or other related sources because let's face it, these are their biggest "buyers" or if they are rich, simply because they are friends with the higher ups.

You may also see these fansites and rich (many times Chinese) fans always follow idols' (official) schedules and are in the same flight as them. Fansites, of course, because they need the airport pictures but otherwise did you know that these rich fans actually give their idols expensive, luxury branded items on the flight? You may see your idols going on the flight empty handed and getting off the flight with luxury brand paper bags (or usually their bodyguards / managers carry them.) These items are very often used by the idols themselves. They also like to give them snacks on the flight, which the idols will share between themselves. And these idols recognize them during fansigns, treat them very well, give extra fanservice at concerts, even saying things like "See you tomorrow" when 'tomorrow' there is no schedule except for their flight back. These fans do not try to talk to the idols on the flight. They just put their gifts and leave them alone. Ah, I forgot that not only do the idols recognize them but also their staff. And they let them. Because they always keep their distance even at airports and never really actually bother them (except fansites due to their pictures.) Perhaps if you ever wondered why some fans/fansites i-fans may call "sasaeng" are still treated so well by your idols, well, there is your reason.

These people are not the same people that wait outside their homes, call their phones, etc. In fact, more often than not, real sasaengs are broke. Hence why they camp outside their homes instead of spending thousands to get into a fansign. Many years ago, real sasaengs were also known to have sex with taxi drivers because they cannot pay them to follow their idols around. Though I don't know if it's still the case today.

By the way, this is just from my experience knowing lots of fansites and rich (Chinese) fans from a couple of big groups from the same big company. Also, this will not apply to every group out there. I know a couple of groups have spoken out about this before (those fans who made them uncomfortable are probably new fans or fans who saved up just enough to get to business class and wanted to get every penny out of it, unlike those that always ride business) but my point is, your favorites really aren't that bothered. Especially when these people are their main source of income and luxury, more often than not they are more than welcome and even loved by your idols. This industry is a lot more complex than i-fans could ever imagine.

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