- The pizza would be $15 and the tip would be $5. So with the taxes in 
- I spent $23, this is wrong America...
- In the past, the usual tip would be 10%, but now, the normal is to tip 20%
- I was using drive through
- Are they giving me any service? Just what is this?
- And even if you gave them tips, in the end, the companies are the ones who are taking it all 
- Please, we need to improve this culture
- I don't want to give $20 every day in tips 
- Seriously, I'm not even rich 

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1. I also feel like if you don't tip in Starbucks in the US, they will give your drinks late ㅋ ㅠㅠㅠ 

2. I freaking hated tipping when I went on a trip to the US, what a waste of my money ㅠ

3. Me too, I went to a drive through and I found it so bizarre that I had to tip....

4. That's just a way for them to evade taxes right?

5. I seriously freaking hate tipping 

6. This is insane, just put everything in the price, why do we need to tip?

7. No but they already receive a salary, why should we have to tip them?

8. If you tip at the drive through, who are they supposed to give it to?;;;;

9. Why would you tip for pizzas and drive throughs

10. It's to the point they're forcing you to tip without even a service 

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