Hybe, the agency of BTS, is the first in the domestic entertainment industry to operate an in-house clinic (healthcare center) staffed by professional medical personnel.


The in-house clinic consists of a doctor and two nurses, and provides medical prescriptions, intravenous fluids, physical therapy, and first aid through the doctor's diagnosis. In addition to the treatment room, there is a recovery room with physical therapy and thermal therapy, an IV fluid room for fatigue recovery, and a treatment room for trauma treatment.

Kim Jun-ok, psychiatry specialist, is the in-house doctor and is in charge of primary internal and surgical treatment as well as psychiatric treatment. Hybe said, “The in-house doctor had a special background as a musician who studied composition theory and orchestra conducting courses. "[...]

The in-house clinic is freely available to all members, including artists and trainees. The purpose is to more carefully manage the bodies and minds of artists and trainees in the training stage who are easily exposed to stress during tight schedules such as concerts and broadcast appearances, intense stage performances, and fan communication.

A Hybee official said, “The health and safety of our members and artists are inevitably directly related to the continued growth of the industry,” adding, “We will strive to become a company that more talented people want to work for by creating a healthy work environment and relaxation culture for our passionate members.” 

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1. I seriously hate Bang Sihyuk so much, but this is good

2. This is so much better than having celebrities visit hospitals outside and then create noise about this and that, they can just get their IV shots in between their schedules 

3. Daebak, this is so good 

4. So now, the employees have to go to work even when they're sick.. Haha 

5. I hope that my bias' company also establishes one, their mental health is important 

6. I want to work there

7. They're saying that they're the first domestic entertainment company to do this...But CJ already has one?

8. So Hybe is really going after the Naver system 

9. I'm so jealous... As an employee, I don't even have time to visit the hospital ㅠ

10. Our company also has a nurse in it... But they even have a doctor?! Wow this is nice 

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